Sex-for-Mark: Prof. Mary Haggai from UNIJOS advises students to study hard

Sex-for-Mark: Prof. Mary Haggai from UNIJOS advises students to study hard

The dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Jos (UNIJOS) Prof. Mary Haggai, has advised female students in the university and higher institutions across the country to dress properly, study hard and present themselves to their teachers decently to avoid sexual harassment from randy lecturers.

Haggai told journalists that lecturers who sexually assault female students know their weaknesses; therefore the best way the students could avoid them was to be confident, hardworking and properly dressed. “Most lecturers in Nigerian universities who harass students sexually know the weak points of the students and they capture them through that. So, the secret is hardwork. Students must work hard and have confidence in themselves. “I did bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees at Unijos and was never sexually harassed by any lecturer.
You see, the issue is even from your appearance, and the way you present yourself. A female student can be a victim of sexual harassment, depending on the way she presents herself. “In your looks, your dressing or in your manners, you can easily tempt somebody to begin to seek some kind of attention from you. But for those of us who know Jesus, even though we are ashamed to say we belong to Christ, this is our standard. Whenever we take a position, we go by it and no going back,” Prof. Haggai said.
Sexual harassment by lecturers in Nigerian Higher Institutions began trending recently when Prof Richard Akindele, a lecturer at OAU was exposed in a viral audio clip in which he demanded five rounds of sex from a female post-graduate student, Monica Osagie, to increase her mark from 33 to pass mark


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