Relationship Tips: “Every Woman has a Code”

Relationship Tips:

The easiest way to get a the heart of a woman is to understand her. Women are the easiest people to make friend. Every woman has a soft spot, and it’s very easy to identify it.

No matter how rich, influential, power or beautiful a woman is. She’s definitely in love with a guy. That’s not a statement, my friend, it is a fact. Every lady is unique in her own way. What turns one on may turn the other off. They only fall for the guys who discover the right code.

Ladies need a guys that would be their strength when they are weak, their voice when they are silent, helper in time of need and guys that inspire them. Many ladies prefer guys who spend time with them to share their burden and concern and also take care of them.

A lady may desire a God fearing man even if she’s not God fearing. She will want an intelligent one even if she’s a dull, a wealthy guy though she may be poor.

Ladies are the just so wonderful! If you are not always there you are not caring, if you are always there you may become boring. If you offend a lady she would ask, “why are you hurting me” if she offends you, she will say it’s a joke.

If you over pamper her, you may spoil her and she may take you for granted. But if you are too hard on her, she may hate you and say you are heartless. Be hard when necessary, pamper her wisely and make her feel secured with you.

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Have you ever wondered why beautiful tall woman finally gets married to a short man or why a very intelligent woman gets married to an illiterate man, is all about the right code. But the fact that, women are the easiest people to approach, doesn’t make every woman you talk to your friend. Most times, your first approach to a woman matters a lot, it depends on what or how you say it.

There are different kinds of ladies to my observation, we have the churchy type, the quiet type, the lousy type, the rich type. Well I will just like to explain only two of this kind of ladies; so let’s talk about the churchy type of ladies, churchy type of ladies are ladies that love the things of God. But research has shown that these kinds of ladies also differ. 40% of these churchy kinds of ladies are HYPOCRITES. Sorry to say but some of them love the things of the world, but don’t want to identify with them. But though they pretend to be Godly, they are even more dangerous, because there is nothing more annoying than an hypocrite in disguise. Some of these kind of ladies tell you No! Where as deep in their hearts they mean YES! They tell you, I don’t want this, whereas they want it. It takes more than being technical and having the right code to understand a woman like this. But the basic truth is that is that they are most faithful kind of women in terms of marriage.

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To get a real Godly woman is simple, approach such women and make them your best friend, then you must try as much as possible to be Godly too. (but God will not make it work out for you if you’re only a pretender)

When she becomes your friend then you have the drum, you just do the beating and firstly she will shake her head that’s if she likes the drummer and I bet you before you realize it she will dance after she must have said NO, several times. Because these kinds of ladies never give you a yes even after the 3rd time.

Another type of ladies is the quiet type (very dangerous). For you to be able to win a lady who is very quiet you must be ‘different’ i.e never talk too much, be gentle, slow to speak if possible, with a little deep voice, tell her fairy tales stories, make her ask you questions, engage her in anyway you can, engage her in some real discussion. When you know the discussion is becoming so entertaining pretend you have something to catch up with and I bet you if she likes you she will beg you to stay, that’s if only you have started making her laugh. Don’t see her the next day or even a day after and just walk up to her, I tell you my friend if she likes you she will search for you.

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Now whenever you see her pretend as if you didn’t see her. Watch her from afar, and see if she’s steering at you, if she is, then she likes you; if she’s not then you still have more work to do. If you happen to come across her on the way, give her a cute and lovely smile, greet her but don’t spend more than 3 minutes with her, tell her you have something to attend to, then leave and I bet you she would wish you had stayed. By then you are becoming a good friend.

I guess, I mustn’t tell you everything. Every woman has a code my friend. But the conclusion of the matter is that, too much of women is the fastest way to an unfulfilled future, and when you are not successful, they will definitely leave you for the best.

Be wise my friend!


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