“President Buhari Must Spend Eight Years In Power” – Oluwo Of Iwo

“President Buhari Must Spend Eight Years In Power Despite All Obstacles From Enemies”- Oluwo Of Iwo

“President Buhari Must Spend Eight Years In Power
Oluwo Of Iwo, Adbulrahsheed Akanbi

The Oluwo of Iwo, Adbulrahsheed Akanbi, on thursday, presided over a special prayer session organised for Pres. Buhari with the aid of Muslims, Christians and traditionalists at his palace in the metropolis.

In line with premium times, the monarch addressing the worshippers, said it became necessary for citizens to pray for the nation and President Buhari need to spend eight years in power.

He said;

‘As I have prayed for Buhari today, new life has come for him. He must spend eight years in power despite all obstacles from opposition’.

The monarch added  said;

“It is painful that those who launched that campaign of ‘Resume or Resign’ are not patriotic as they claimed. They politicised the campaign which shouldn’t be. Buhari is my son and I won’t be happy when people are wishing him dead. If any civil servant or police officer falls sick, will you advise them to resign? 

Those who are clamouring for Buhari’s resignation are not sane. Nigerians don’t love those that love them but they are passionate about those that hate them. “All those who are wishing him dead and those who are clamouring for his resignation shall fall sick”.

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