Policemen Sentence to Death over Robbery

A High court sitting in Akure, Ondo state capital has sentenced two policemen; Henry Ubogu and Emmanuel Moses attached to Ondo state Police Command to death by hanging for armed robbery and conspiracy.

Policemen Sentence to Death over Robbery
The two accused who have been disregarded from carrier earlier than their trial have been said to be specialist in turning their weaponry to rob unsuspecting motorists of their cars while working illegal checkpoints.

The two accused and one more, Ige Onukun had been stated to be snatching vehicles at gun factor while Onukun used to help them in using away snatched cars.

They have been however accused to have conspired and robbed one Pastor Ayodele Joseph of his Toyota Camry with reg no la 46 AAA at Olopejojo junction Ioka street in the 7th of April round 8p.m.

The accused but escaped this count charge as the court held that the Prosecution didn’t set up the link between the snatched car and the accused that it turned into actually the Pastor’s car they snatched despite the fact that they confessed to snatching car at that vicinity across the time.

The court held that evidence in criminal trial is that of proof past reasonable doubt and that car can be that of every other person and there may be no room for guessing or doubt in criminal trial as all doubt have to be resolved in favour of an accused person.

The accused have been however unfortunate within the charge regarding the snatching of any other Toyota Camry belonging to one Victor Ojo, a lawyer and politician whose vehicle changed into snatched at APP place on 26th April 2010 while additionally pretending to be on forestall and search responsibility.

The reckless way they had been using after the theft operation gave them away which led the Patrol team to suspect them and gave a warm pursuit which finally brought about their hitting any other vehicle and that they had been arrested and detained at A department and the incident and car were related to the indicators of Ijapo Police station in which a case of armed robbery has earlier been pronounced that night time by way of Mr Ojo Victor.

The precision became so correct on this matter that the judge had no option than to preserve that the case of the prosecution has been demonstrated past reasonable doubt.

Although the accused confessed to the crime however Ojo failed to turn up at the court after getting better his snatched car.

In his ruling, Justice David Kolawole sentenced the trio to death by putting for conspiracy and theft.