Man arrested while trying to steal student’s urine (video)

A man was caught this morning at Abraka, Delta State, packing the sand on which a girl urinated at about 6am.

Man arrested while trying to steal student’s urine (video)

According to reports, the girl had gone out to urinate in a nearby bush, due to the lack of water in her hostel. She said, on her way out, she saw the suspect approaching where she had urinated and she decided to hide and watch what he was doing.

Soon, he bent to pack the sand. She went back there to confront him, but he ignored her and then pretended to be making a phone call. The student then sighted a resident of the area around and quickly explained to him. The resident approached the suspect and held him while she went to call for help.

Her boyfriend and other boys living in the hostel soon rushed out. The suspected initially denied the allegation, despite having sand on his hand. Someone later decided to smell his hands and confirmed he had touched urine, that was when he confessed and said he came from Obiaroku, a small community just before Abraka.

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