Indian Man Spends 27 years digging Pond for Village

Saja Pahad, a small village in Chhattisgarh, India, has been dealing with intense water shortages for numerous many years. With only wells to be had, locals had been slightly able to secure enough water to feed their farm animals, let alone irrigate their vegetation. 

Indian Man Spends 27 years digging Pond for Village

Villagers didn’t recognise what to do and the government disregarded their plight however one youngster took subjects into his very own hands.
Shyam Lal was only 15 while he took it upon himself to clear up his village’s water problem.

He identified a gap in a close-by forest and determined to dig a pond to accumulate rainfall that might then be utilized by the entire community.

Lal shared his concept with the rest of Saja Pahad however instead of volunteering to help, they simply laughed at his crazy plan and known as him a lunatic. but the younger man didn’t let the people’s reaction get him down. instead, he grabbed a spade and began digging the pond himself. He stored on digging for the next 27 years.

Now 42, Lal is considered a hero and a saviour with the aid of his community. That small hole he started digging nearly 3 decades ago is now a one-acre, 15-feetdeep pond filled with valuable water that serves the entire village.

“No person helped me in my work, neither the administration nor the villagers,” he proudly advised the Hindustan instances.

The story of Lal’s determination recently went viral in India and prompted government in Mahendragarh District to ultimately well known his success. A member of the local legislative assembly these days visited Saja Pahad and presented him $156 for his contribution to the village.


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