I will commit suicide if Buhari returns: Social media mocks Fayose in #OyoyoBaba

Months again, the announcement ‘i’m able to commit suicide if President Buhari returns’ was reportedly said by Ekiti nation governor, Ayo Fayose who has been pretty vocal about the President’s disease or even threatened to release damning photos. 
I will commit suicide if Buhari returns: Social media mocks Fayose in #OyoyoBaba
well, the internet never forgets and Nigerians on social media are currently mocking the governor with memes and hilarious tweets as Buhari arrived Nigeria today.

Flashback: I’ll commit suicide if Buhari comes back alive.. Fayose.. Pwaaaah#we dey wait oo#
A forfeiting burial is guaranteed
— Nafisa Yammama (@NafisaYammama) August 19, 2017

The moment Fayose & his co-haters saw Buhari step his foot on Nigerian soil. 😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/m4cgmNVyrS

— Banky (@AdeBanqie) August 19, 2017

Fayose trying to see if Buhari is truly back #OyoyoBaba pic.twitter.com/gqx7XQ8UtA

— I always follow Back (@Onyema_Donald) August 19, 2017

Flashback: “I will Commit Suicide If Buhari Comes Back Alive.”

Loquacious Fayose Ayo.
— ENZO UZOR NZERIBE (@enzo_uzor) August 19, 2017

Is it true fayose said he’ll commit suicide if buhari returned? So shall we be expecting breaking news now? @DOlusegun what’s your take?

— Gracey (@Nene9390) August 19, 2017

-Buhari is brain-dead-Ayo Fayose

-President Buhari is on life support machine-Ayo Fayose
Bt who is a mere mortal 2 conclude on an individ

— Prince Yakubu (@PrinceYakubu15) August 19, 2017


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