I Want To Become A Key Player For Chelsea – Alvaro Morata 

Alvaro Morata has made it regarded he is in Chelsea to recognise his full capacity and emerge as a key player for the team. 

I Want To Become A Key Player For Chelsea - Alvaro Morata 
Alvaro Morata
Morata became signed in the summer for £70 million from Madrid and has additionally played for Juventus.

The Spain international did now not make sufficient impact at both teams to be taken into consideration a key player.

“I want to make an explosion at Chelsea,” he told Sky sports. “I played properly at real Madrid and at Juventus, but I think I did now not make the explosion that everybody expected of me. I need to be an important player for the team, for the Spanish national team.

“And that i assume i’m on the better age and all the first-rate moments of my career are coming. I played proper matches within the Champions League, but one a month. I need to play each weekend, score goals and play at the top stage every weekend. and i work for this situation.”

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte turned into a key motive within the Spaniard electing to transport to England.

“He turned into a massive part of my decision after I signed with Juventus,” he stated. “Antonio turned into the Juventus coach, however for many reasons he then left Juve.

“I experience that Antonio is a coach who has always trusted in me. this is the entirety for me. I spoke a number of instances with Antonio and for me he is the coach who became maximum interested by me.”


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