Harrysong denies dissing Kcee in the song, ‘Arabanko’

Contrary to rumours that Alterplate Records boss, Harrysong, dissed his erstwhile label mate, Kcee, in the song,  the singer has come out to deny that’s the case.

Harrysong denies dissing Kcee in the song, ‘Arabanko’Speaking at the 14th edition of Media Meets, the singer states he is a man of peace, and that his issue with Five Star Music was blown out of proportion, saying ‘Arabanko’ is not dissing anyone.

‘If you have listened to some of my songs, you would notice that they have stories. I use my songs to tell stories,’ he said.
Harrysong continued, ‘I think so far, the deepest song I have sung is Reggae Blues. The truth is that Reggae Blues was meant to be the kind of song that would make you just sit down and think about your life but we turned it into a song that would make you dance and forget about your sorrows.

‘In the chorus I said, ‘Even your boo has a boo’. Is that good news? My new song, Arabanko is not a diss song. It is just a feel good song from a deep mind. It is just a happy song,’ he said.

He went on to talk about his how terrible he is with rap music, saying, ‘I cannot rap to save my life. The few times I tried it in the privacy of my house, my friends told me to shut my mouth because I was just doing rubbish. I can handle all other genre of music except rap.’


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