Goodluck Jonathan says”I am willing to lecture Buhari’s Govt on Economic Growth”

Goodluck Jonathan has said that he is prepared, inclined and capable of lecture President Muhammad Buhari’s management on a way to gain financial increase, however only if they may be willing to study.

Goodluck Jonathan saysJonathan in a social media communication titled, “Garba Shehu: The Time For Propaganda is Over. It Is Time For Proper Agenda!” and signed by his former Social Media aide, Reno Omokri, suggested that it was due to unavailability of ideas that President Buhari had sunk Nigeria into economic lows not seen since 25 years ago. According to many economists, the last time Nigeria had an economy this bad was when President Buhari was the military head of state.

The assertion reads, “The Presidency’s declaration issued via Garba Shehu, Senior unique Assistant on media to President Muhammadu Buhari has most effective exposed why Nigeria is in an economic recession and is floundering in all spheres.

It is quite sad that Malam Garba Shehu does not know that oil constitutes only 15% of Nigeria’s GDP and thus a fall in the price of oil should not lead to a collapse of the Nigerian economy as has been experienced under President Buhari.

If Garba and his boss are willing to learn, the Jonathan Foundation and the Peoples Democratic Party can arrange a course for them to be tutored on the subject-how to grow your economy to be the largest in Africa. We make bold that we are experienced in that area.

When Mr. Shehu says “There is nothing to show for the revenues earned, no major capital project was completed, neither power generation, road development, rail or agriculture benefitted from the windfall earnings” he only further exposes his intellectual laziness and failing memory.

Obviously Garba Shehu has forgotten that when his boss was commissioning the Abuja-Kaduna 187KM fast railway that enables Nigerians work in Abuja and live in Kaduna, he was forced to admit that the project was conceived, built and completed by the Jonathan administration.

At that event, President Muhammadu Buhari said about the $1.5 billion project and I quote “This project was conceived by a previous administration, started by the last government”.

My question to Mr. Shehu is this-who is a liar between him and his boss?

I also urge Garba Shehu to take note of the fact that the only Federal University in his boss’s home state of Katsina was built by the Jonathan administration in addition to 13 other universities and 165 Almajiri schools built all over Nigeria. For people who don’t value education, I am not surprised that they see this as “nothing to show”!

It may also interest Garba Shehu to note that the Jonathan administration revived the moribund Nigerian Railways Corporation to the extent that the loquacious Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi was forced to confess on December 15, 2015 and I quote “In fact, I think we have a problem; most people don’t believe that the railway transport is functioning in Nigeria. I didn’t even know, until I started this tour, I never knew that the railway was functioning, it was even from his (MD’s) speech that I learnt that there are some coaches or services that go to Kano or Port Harcourt or elsewhere.”

These are just a few of the infrastructural legacies of the Jonathan era.

It is quite surprising that Garba Shehu now praises the former Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, His Royal Majesty, Muhammadu Sanusi II.

Nigerians have now not forgotten that it’s miles the identical Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, now Muhammadu Sanusi II who carpeted the financial regulations of the Buhari management, pronouncing that beneath the Buhari administration, and once more I quote, “there is one rate for petroleum entrepreneurs, there’s interbank charge, there’s any other for cash market operators which includes western union, money gram, there may be bureau de trade fee and there’s a special charge you get when you call the CBN for a transaction.”

My different question to Garba Shehu is that this, how will an financial system not crumble when you have multiple exchange costs?

Malam Garba and his boss continues to expose that they may be in over their necks by using their statements. for example, Garba says “on the inception of the modern-day administration, 21 States had been not able to meet their salary bills and the spectre of workers arrears had started. The PDP answer become the raid the Ecological Fund and selectively furnish N2Bn each to the PDP States.”

Is it that Garba Shehu and his boss do no longer realize that Nigeria is a federation and that the Federal government can’t control the states? No marvel they’re in opposition to restructuring and want to throw the report of the 2014 country wide conference into the dustbin.

we’ve got already proved that the accusation re the Ecological Fund is a lie and it shows desperation at the side of the Presidency to rehash it.

while that notorious liar, Nasir El-Rufai first made the accusation, we showed, with documentary proof, that middle PDP states like Akwa-Ibom, in which the then chairman of the PDP Governors forum comes from and Ekiti country which changed into the only PDP state in the Southwest, did no longer benefit from the Ecological Fund. meanwhile, 10 states which had been of the then competition All revolutionary Congress did.

apparently, while Garba Shehu and Lai Mohammed talk, they communicate their local language, lies!

Mr. Garba Shehu would do nicely to keep in mind that his boss promised Nigerians three million jobs each 12 months. as an alternative, in keeping with the Nigerian Bureau of facts, 4.58 million jobs, created by using the Jonathan led PDP management, have been lost in his boss’s first 12 months.


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