Cardi Clapbacks At Claims That Her Next Track Will Send Shots At Nicki Minaj

Cardi Clapbacks At Claims That Her Next Track Will Send Shots At Nicki Minaj

Cardi Responds To Rumors She’s Releasing A Nicki Minaj Diss

Cardi B’s clapping back at claims that she’s got a super savage Nicki Minaj diss ready to go. Earlier today TMZ alleged that Bardi’s been in the studio taking shots at Onika and has a new track filled with shade at the ready.

The site added that things are so bad that members of her camp are nervous about Bardi’s “serious jabs” and while certain team Cardi campers are allegedly all for it, others think Cardi should ignore Nicki because she’s already “eclipsed her.”

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All the while those rumors were swirling, another website; TheJasmineBrand shut them down themselves.

According to the blog, that’s simply untrue and Belcalis’ new track will be a “Bodak Yellow” adjacent, money-making anthem and not about Onika at all.

“A source says that the track will have nothing to do with Minaj, nor will it take any jabs at the artist. The source says that her next song, “Will strictly be about money. It’ll remind fans of “Bodak Yellow”.”

Cardi Clapbacks At Claims That Her Next Track Will Send Shots At Nicki Minaj

Interestingly enough, Cardi jumped into TJB’s Instagram comments section herself as she was “getting her hair and makeup done” to corroborate their story. “]

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“I don’t keep s*** on wax. I confront and address PERIOD!” wrote Cardi. ” I’m number 1 on the charts right now and I’m winning awards from left to right and NEVER MENTION nobody. It’s not my fault that blogs fabricate stories about me with this woman and I address it cause I’m sick of it. I”m minding my business and people keep constantly bringing up this bulls**.

I respect this blog for addressing the real.”

WELP! Cardi said it herself, there’s no Nicki diss dropping—for now at least. We wouldn’t be surprised if Bardi held back on addressing Onika till it’s time to release her next album.

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Should Cardi give the people what they want and diss Nicki???


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