Cardi B Countersues Ex-Manager For $15M, Accuses Him Of Manipulating Her Money

Cardi B Countersues Ex-Manager For $15M, Accuses Him Of Manipulating Her Money

Cardi B is claiming that her former manager made moves with solely his best interests in mind, and repeatedly abused her trust in a new $15 million countersuit that was filed on Thursday in Manhattan.

The rapper charges in the legal docs that her ex-manager Klenord (Shaft) Raphael acted deceitfully after she gave him “complete trust and power” over her finances and business undertakings.

“Shaft himself and through his entities took advantage of Ms. Almanzar’s trust and naiveté and persuaded her to sign contracts and to enter deals in which Shaft attempted to take an unreasonable and unconscionable portion of Ms. Almanzar’s earnings in the entertainment industry for himself,” the countersuit states.

The 25-year-old first hired Shaft as a manager back in 2014, then signed a management deal with his company WorldStar a year later. She initially agreed to pay Shaft 20% of her earnings as a management fee, but claims when Shaft crafted her contract with Atlantic Records, he included another one of his companies, KSR, in the deal as a way of taking in 50% of her recording royalties.

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Later in the lawsuit, Cardi’s team also asserts that Shaft’s colleagues took out multiple so-called “loans” from her earnings, “most or all of which Ms. Almanzar was never even told about.” That included at least one instance where $15,000 was taken from her account, the documents allege.

The filing also accuses Shaft of putting “barriers between her and people close to her in an effort to maintain complete control over her.” The lawsuit reads, “Shaft even attempted to control Ms. Almanzar’s personal life, telling her who she should and should not see romantically.”

Cardi’s filing comes three months after Shaft initially sued the star for $10 million, accusing the rapper of freezing him out after he helped build up her career. He also accused Cardi of defamation for telling people he’d taken money from her.

Her counterclaim on Thursday says that she ended her deals with Shaft and his companies back in February.

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