‘Boys Are Not Smiling’ Uche Jombo to release new TV series, 

Not much has been revealed about the project yet.

Uche Jombo to release new TV series, ‘Boys Are Not Smiling’Nollywood actress and producer, Uche Jombo is set to produce her first TV series production, Boys Are Not Smiling.

A co-production of her Uche Jombo Studios and Nelson Jombo – her brother, the actress shared an image of the ‘Acknowledgement of Copyright Notification’ certificate for the work.
Uche Jombo is looking for actors to fill into five lead and ten sub-lead roles in the series.

Uche Jombo to release new TV series, ‘Boys Are Not Smiling’She is also currently working on the small screen adaptation of 2015 film, Wives on Strike.

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