Boron Resident Narrate how Boko Haram, took his money and gave him 80 lashes. 

A bricklayer, Umar Umar, has recalled his agony in the hands of the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram while they held sway in Monguno local government area of Borno.

He advised daily post that he was as soon as face to face with Boko Haram terrorists who gave him 80 lashes for being in possession of Tramadol, a robust pain reliever. 

Boron Resident Narrate how Boko Haram, took his money and gave him 80 lashs. 
Umar told our correspondent in Maiduguri that while he works as bricklayer, he also makes use of his bike to offer transport service from his village on marketplace days in Monguno town.

Recaounting his ordeal, Umar stated: “On that fateful day, I left the marketplace early carrying a number of the items i purchased with the wish that i might get home early, but it did no longer take place as deliberate.

“As you depart the market, there are military check points. while you get there, you alight out of your motorcycle and push till you pass the check point. So, on that day, as I approached, the soldiers known as and despatched me lower back to the marketplace to move and buy some cigarettes in addition to Indian hem for them to help them keep vigil at night.

“I needed to pass because if I refused, they may order me to spend the night with them as a punishment. And so, I went lower back to the marketplace. I later were given the whole lot round 6:30pm and again to the test point wherein I left my motorcycle. They requested me whether or not I could still go domestic or spend the night time there and depart in the morning, but I told them i would manage. So, I left.

“meanwhile, I had some tablets (Tramadol) with me, which I used to take as enhancer. and i had N18,000 with me also. After leaving the military check point, I set on my way home. however about a kilometre or from the checkpoint, there was any other checkpoint established by Boko Haram.

“I had to pass through the spot. I also met quite a few my village people who left in advance. The Boko Haram have been inquiring for identification cards from the people and they would acquire it and destroy. (For protection reasons, all bike riders, traders and farmers around northern Borno have an identity card enforced via the military for self identification).

“So, they were gathering and destroying identification cards from people. They were also gathering money, in line with them, become a contribution for ‘aikin Allah’ – God’s work.

“while it changed into my turn, I concealed my identity card in between my legs. after they requested me for identity Card I told them that I did no longer have one. Then they asked me how I managed to go into Monguno without an identification card? I manage to tell a lie, which they believed. Then one requested me to go to the next person to search me.

“As i used to be being searched, the Boko Haram commander observed two capsules of Tramadol on me and the N18,000 I had. He shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’, and all attention became on us. I idea that turned into my stop. however he quickly requested. Why are you taking drugs? this is illegal below ‘Shari’a, you will obtained 80 strokes for violating the law.

“The others laughed, but for me it was a serious difficulty. i was relieved though while he said they were simply going to flog me. they also took my money and said Shari’a had ceased it! i used to be requested to go and reduce the cane they might use to overcome me and that i did. That changed into how I were given eighty lashes from Boko Haram, they took my N18,000 and allowed me to go away around nine:00pm.”

Umar recalled that he saw people being killed that night time and their our bodies left with the aid of the roadside.

“i will by no means forget that. I decided to leave for Maiduguri to sign up for my members of the family within the (IDPs) camp. life in the camp also became unbearable however because of my change, I moved out of the camp to continue to exist out of doors it. at the least, i’ve a few freedom out of doors that wall”, he stated pointing at the Bakassi camp along Damboa road.


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