Amaechi tackles Buhari over comment on Nigerian civil war

Amaechi tackles Buhari over comment on Nigerian civil war

First Republic Aviation Minister and one of the remaining members of the Zikist Movement, Chief Mbazuruike Amaechi, yesterday said President Muhammadu Buhari’s attribution of the survival of the Igbos during the 30 months Nigerian civil war to instructions allegedly given to soldiers of the Nigerian Army not to exterminate the Igbo race amounted to challenging God.

Reacting to the statement credited to President Buhari that the Igbo people survived the civil war at the mercy of the General Yakubu Gowon-led military administration which gave instructions to the Nigerian military commanders to tread softly with Biafrans, Chief Amaechi asked if President Buhari sees himself as God.

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“For President Buhari to have made that comment gives the impression that he is playing God. He is arrogating to himself the position of God. To have attributed the survival of the Igbo during the thirty months civil war to instructions to Nigerian soldiers not to exterminate the Igbo race amounted to challenging God who made it possible for Igbo remnants to survive the planned war of genocide against us.

“Buhari is not God and he cannot be God. We want to ask, is he God? Does he think that Igbos could have survived the war and still be waxing strong in the country without the will of God? Is that why he allowed the herdsmen to continue to unleash mayhem to accomplish what could have been accomplished during the civil war but they failed? Are they now trying to achieve it under his administration?”

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The former minister, whose son, Hon. Ikenna Amaechi has joined the race for the Anambra South senatorial district under the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, said: “with that statement, the Igbos should use their tongues to count their teeth and realize that it has become quite imperative for them to unite to speak in one voice and pursue their common interest, knowing fully well that they are an endangered specie in the Nigerian project.”

According to Chief Amaechi, “I have given my son who wants to go to the senate all the the blessings he needs from me and my ‘Ofo’, which is a symbol of authority in Igbo land to go ahead and continue from where I stopped in serving Nigeria and I want him to go there and be me.”

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