A woman was Commanded by a Prophet to Eat Live Chicken (watch)  

A popular, self-proclaimed Zimbabwean prophet based totally in Gweru, has ordered one of his congregants to eat a live fowl as a part of a “deliverance” ceremony.

A woman was Commanded by a Prophet to Eat Live Chicken (watch)  

In step with The Chronicle, individuals of the apostolic sect filmed the act in a video shown underneath during a current church service at the shrine opposite Mkoba teachers’ college.

A congregant yesterday alleged the leader of the sect Madzibaba ‘Beswage,’ born Micky Mahove from Mkoba 1, said consuming the bird proved that believers can eat whatever without unwell outcomes.

Madzibaba Beswage, who now instructions a massive following in the metropolis due to his “miracles” allegedly stated eating the live bird changed into an act of religion that could heal the congregant.

He confirmed the incident however changed into no longer clear on whether the girl devoured the chook on his instructions.

He said the weird act befell in the course of a church provider when he prophesied to the female (call withheld) that she turned into possessed with an evil spirit which has been devouring her children.

“I prophesied to the woman that she turned into a witch as she had wolfed her children, allegations which she became denying. this is after I ordered the spirit to show up in her. straight away she went into an trance, took a live bird which changed into at the shrine and commenced eating it,”  he said 

Madzibaba Beswage.He said the girl again to normalcy after taking a jump of religion and getting prayers. Contacted for a comment, the female stated she has a hazy recollection of what transpired.

“I went to Madzibaba Beswage’s shrine where l desired to get cleansed of some troubling spirits. Madzibaba prophesied that I had an evil spirit which makes me devour my kids.

“At the same time as i used to be trying to argue with him, I fell right into a trance for almost half-hour. I didn’t realize what i used to be doing. All I recognize is that I recovered to see blood stains on my frame. My friends told me that I ate a quarter of live chicken whilst in a trance,” said the girl.

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