A Nigerian citizen drug dealer jumps to Death in India while trying to Escape arrest. 

A Nigerian citizen dwelling in India has reportedly jumped to his death while seeking to avoid arrest for drug related offences. 

A Nigerian citizen drug dealer jumps to Death in India while trying to Escape arrest.
In line with reports from the Asian nation, following a tip-off, police had raided a flat in Chattarpur region of south Delhi wherein Cyprian Ama Ogbonnaya resides on Thursday.

Ogbonnaya, who became speculated to be concerned in smuggling heroin and LSD in huge amount, had in worry of arrest jumped from the fourth floor, dying right away.

Reviews claimed ladies, who were also Nigerian nationals, had been discovered in the house and have been arrested.

Police had been said to have found 25 kg ‘Ketamine’ drugs valued Rs 20 crore [about N1,131,221,850.00] inside the international market within the flat.

“Sensing trouble after seeing the police party, Ogbonnaya and one of the ladies attempted to jump from the window of the fourth floor for you to break out however the girl turned into stuck at the same time as Ogbonnaya succeeded in jumping however got injured.

“He turned into rushed to AIIMS trauma centre in which doctors declared him lifeless,” Deputy Commissioner of Police Madhur Verma said in India.com report.

“They have been smuggling drugs like heroin and LSD in heavy amount to their contacts in south Delhi and national Capital vicinity. Ogbonnaya turned into very popular amongst his customers. women too have been indulging in smuggling and buying and selling drug.

“The raiding party observed three of them have been ingesting heroin. The women were arrested under the Narcotic drugs and Psychotropic substances Act.”


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