25-yr-old Garri thief Escapes even as mob Seek for petrol to set fire on him in Calabar

​A twenty 5 year old man, John Ator, who become allegedly caught stealing  basins of garri at the Calabar Marian marketplace escaped while the mob become hunting for petrol to set him alight.
25-yr-old Garri thief Escapes even as mob Seek for petrol to set fire on him in Calabar

The man who turned into stuck at the marketplace with two basins of garrri at the marketplace became approximately to be lynched when he escaped with the motor tire hung on his neck waiting for gas.

Ator who’s accused to have shaped the addiction of stealing garri from the market turned into unlucky as he became stuck inside the act when the buyers determined to put ambush for him.

One of the market managers who pleaded anonymity instructed vanguard that following reports of frequent garri robbery inside the marketplace they determined to lay ambush to discover who the thief became

“99 days for the thief, and sooner or later for the proprietor. that is the case with this younger man, John Ator, who’s now stuck as a garri thief who has been a thorn in the flesh of garri ladies buyers at Marian market, Calabar as he became caught stealing two basins of garri in one of the stores inside the market early hours of this morning (Wednesday), 

A man said.

He narrated in addition that this act of stealing garri which has emerge as a normal occurrence on the Marian marketplace with out knowing those in the back of the crime were given to its height while investors began suspecting one anther so the marketplace authorities decided to lay ambush for the thief. thankfully for the investors the thief became stuck. 

The investors angered by using the motion of the thief descended on him in their numbers, stripped him bare and hung a condemned tyre round his neck in readiness to roast him alive however the absence of fuel stalled their action. It changed into while waiting for gas that the thief dramatically took to his heels and escaped into the close by bush.

A search party was dispatched to brush the neighbourhood to track him but couldn’t find him.


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