2 Men Indicted For Sexually Assaulting 9-Month-Old, Filming It

2 Men Indicted For Sexually Assaulting 9-Month-Old, Filming It

Isiah Hayes And Daireus Ice Arrested For Rape Of 9-Month-Old
A revolting story is coming out of Memphis, Tennessee. Two men have been arrested for the rape of a 9-month-old back in February.

WAFB reports that a jury indicted Isiah Hayes, 19 and Dairieus Ice, 22. Police believe Hayes raped the baby while Ice filmed it on a cell phone.
The baby’s mother discovered the video on the phone.

Hayes confessed to the crime. WAFB adds that they were both were charged with aggravated rape of a child (specifically criminal responsibility for conduct of another for Ice) and especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor.

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This is all so gut-wrenching to hear, we wish the mother and the baby all the best—and nothing but fire and brimstone to the two sick people involved in this crime.

What sort of punishment do YOU think they should they face?


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