Photos: Young man commits suicide in Garki Abuja

The rate in which Nigerians are committing suicide is becoming alarming. Yesterday, a young construction worker committed suicide in Abuja. The report was shared through a Facebook user Theresa Igwuanyi, who  narrated the story…

She wrote…… 40mins ago at Oyo street area 2 Garki Abuja
A young man named Ugochukwu from Abia state who works with a construction firm in Abuja yesterday got a bottle of Sniper.. his colleagues saw it and asked him what he was doing with a bottle of the insecticide . .he said he wanted to put it in the house to repel insects..they collected it from him that it wasn’t necessary..unknown to them he went back and got two more bottles of the insecticide and consumed it with a bottle of water..he slumped and died..most of his colleagues are crying and cursing the poor soul.. hope he finds rest where he is now..

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