For Preventing 20yrs old woman from making love with her Husband,  Parents Drag was sue to court. 

Spiwe Kwenda an Zimbabwe’s woman, has dragged her parents to court for preventing her from living along with her husband and having sex with him.
She disclosed to the courtroom that her dad and mom were infringing on her right to have intercourse along with her husband.%% title%%
The dad and mom arguered that their daughter’s husband had not paid lobola (a bride charge, usually paid with cattle).

The 20 years old Spiwe from Mutiti Village, amazed every body while she dragged her parents to court for interfering with her marriage, ZimNews reports.

Kwenda advised Buhera magistrate Dennis Mangosi that her parents, Ian Kwenda and Violent Dhuvadhuve, had been disrupting her marriage by using forcing her to return returned home.

She similarly argued she changed into being deprived of her right to have sex with her husband.


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